We will be releasing Survival Eco's newest and final player rank - Immortal - and it is quite different than the lower ranks!

This rank only costs 750k. All other rank costs increase by approximately 2.5x the former rank amount, meaning Immortal would have been around 1.25 million dollars if we followed the same pattern. However, Immortal's cost increase is less steep because it is not a permanent rank, like the others. You must maintain your immortal status through playtime or you will lose the rank and have to pay more.

The cost is not recurring if you maintain activity, though! You only have to pay more if you become inactive. (See below for more details)

- /kit immortal - This kit can be used every 2 weeks and includes:
- - - 1 Helium Caches - /fly for 6hrs (each)
- - - 4 mcMMO Power Tome (1 hour total)
- - - 1 emerald key
- - - 1 Totem of the Fates
- - - XP Bottles
- Immortal /tags - This tag is exclusive to Immortal players for their hard work
- Access to /backpack - 1 row of extra inventory storage (use /bp for short)
- Change your player time and weather
- Catch the following mobs: blaze, ghast, phantom, villager and zombie villager
- Merchant Traveler: Xira (sells above vanilla lvl enchanted gear. Spawns randomly and only at /Immortal)
- Access to the Immortal Town (/immortal) - Unlike other towns, only Immortals are granted entry

The town includes:
- Enchant Book Shop (Top level enchants books for sale - costs vary per enchant)
- Repair station (repair any piece of gear, regardless of enchantments)
- MineSpire Shop (purchase store items with in game money - donor ranks, items, etc)
- 30 Day Rental plots (custom built homes of varying styles) **COMING SOON**
- - - - The structure of these homes will not be able to be altered, but you may redesign the interior to your liking.

NOTE: The town is still being built and new features/additions are to come.

Activity and Immortal Status:
To keep Immortal, you must maintain activity - essentially "Use it or lose it!" Here is the break down of cost:

If you are inactive for:
0 - 6 days - Nothing happens. You keep your rank and you are not charged.
7 - 29 days - You will be charged to keep the rank.
-The base cost is 75k (After 7 days of inactivity you must pay $75k to keep Immortal)
-The cost goes up 10k per day of inactivity. (IE Day 29 would cost $295k)
30+ days - You will be demoted to Overlord upon return and will have to rank back up at full cost.

NOTE: The funds are taken from your account automatically as a "monetary sacrifice" when you return (if you have them.) If you do not have the funds when you return after the above time frames, you will be demoted to Overlord.

Why isnt Immortal a permanent rank?

There are a few reason for this rank style.

When players return after months of being away, they don't always know how the game has changed - yet, new players by default trust them to have the best intel because they have the highest rank. This isnt always so. Permanent ranks allow players to leave and return after months or even years of being away. A lot of changes and additions can take place during that time. We noticed this problem with the Overlord rank and wanted to eliminate this aspect, because it creates the spread of misinformation, which hurts players gameplay.

We also feel the highest rank should be reserved to players who are truly invested and actively working to maintain their status. Immortal is also a very OP rank with the ability to do things like repair, acces to top level enchants, /back on death and even the ability to use in-game money to purchase donation store items.

We want to reward and promote players who work hard to maintain a powerful rank like Immortal and for regularly supporting the server's growth. This is done by rewarding players for who actively participate on the server.