We have updated to 1.13.1! Hooray!

Login Errors:
"Internal Server Error" upon trying to login - this is because you have something in your inventory from 1.12 that does not work in 1.13. We'll have to remove the item from your inventory to allow you to log back in.

Visual Issues on Older Versions:
You may connect with older versions, but you will have visual issues like seeing all chests as enderchests, etc.
- We recommend you play on current version for the best experience: 1.13.1

Chat Channel Toggling and Auto-Tab:
If you are in a party chat, do not do /p to toggle on the party chat channel. It will post your chat into global as well.
- For now, just type /p with each reply.
- You cannot use tab to auto-fill player names in commands anymore, but you can double tab to auto-fill names in chat.

Multiple tags will not work now, including the marriage icon. However, you can select a tag.
- Type /tags to open the GUI and set which tag you wish to display.
- Donor ranks, donors, prestiged players, and build comp winners will also have other icons to select from!

For any other issues regarding 1.13, post a comment here or create a ticket in our discord #eco-help-desk channel.

New World:
A new 1.13 world has been added: /novus (novus means "new," so the newest world will always be /novus)
To get to the old player world: /tritus
A new Nether and End await your return, too!

New Features:
You can now contract illnesses/injuries (see the tutorial here)

Chat Formatting and Tags:
You can hover over Staff tags to see their rank
Players must now choose their tags. (Including the marriage icon)
Donors have access to /tags and can choose which donor icon to display
Build Competition Winners and players who prestiged will have icons, too!

Perk Changes (see all rank perks here):
Ah Slot amounts have changed
Wanderers now only get 1 /sethome, Merchant will unlock the 2nd
Mobs will now pay out more money when killed, but you will not be paid for every kill.

New Rank:
We will be unlocking a new rank in the coming days: [Immortal]
Most details for this rank have remained secret for a while, but here's the info we have released
- This rank will be immune to the disease conditions!
- Only Immortals will be able to catch Villagers