Ryohn tag posted Jul 18, 18  -  1.13aquaticupdate

~ 1.13 Update Aquatic ~

Good Evening MineSpire!

1.13 is finally here! While MineSpire is not fully 1.13 with the new items just yet, we do have connection support for versions 1.8 - 1.13!
On your launcher use the 'latest release' to use the newest version.
For more info on the update visit Minecraft.net

Bugs fixed:

  • Autotab on names is working again for everyone
  • 1.13 users are safe to connect without getting kicked for 'spam' ;p
    • Special thanks to FortyEffs ;D
  • Invisible banners on placement
  • Enchanted books not showing their enchants
  • Item frame hitboxes in the wrong location
  • Falling dust particles being buggy
  • Spawner entities being wrong
  • Spawn eggs sometimes being buggy
  • Various NullPointerExceptions with items
  • Biomes being ocean

Known issues:

We are aware of the following VISUAL bugs for 1.13 users such as:

  • Chests, fences, stairs, iron bars, cobblestone walls, glass panes, redstone, and doors not connecting
    • Open and close doors from the bottom, not the top
  • Tops of tall plants show peony texture
  • Music and some sounds are not all working
  • Skulls show at an angle

The above issues are due to item id and state changes made to vanilla. We hope these issues will be addressed in the next plugin version.

If you come across any issues not listed here, please post it here, use /bug in-game for the link or post it to the /discord #help-desk


If you have questions or comments, reply below!

  • Q: Is the map/world resetting?
    • A: The short answer is no. We have no plans of removing the player world.

  • Q: Are inventories going to be cleared?
    • A: Again, no. We have no intention of clearing your data.

  • Q: When will the server be fully 1.13?
    • A: There is no definite answer to this. There have been major reworks in vanilla 1.13 to many background tasks, how things are handled, and named. Our mission has always been to be up to date as soon as possible. However, we're at the mercy of plugin developers, waiting for them to have a stable version out to prevent major unforeseen issues.

  • Q: Where are the new items, mobs, and blocks? How do I get them?
    • A: As above, the server is not fully 1.13. The new items, blocks, and mobs are not here just yet. :)

Check back here for more news, fixes and any issues we come across.

If you have suggestions for the new update, please let us know here!